Your virtual career

All pilots accepted by Edelweiss Virtual with or without previous Virtual Airline experience are assigned the initial rank of SAT Student. The more hours you fly and flights you complete, the greater the commitment and therefore the greater the achievement. The routes and the types of aircraft you are allowed to fly are also controlled by the system.

Rank Typ Rating Flight hours
LAT Student A320 0-5 hrs
First Officer "ab initio" A320 5-15 hrs
First Officer A320 15-100 hrs
Senior First Officer A320/A330/A340 100-250 hrs
Captain A320/A330/A340 250-500 hrs
Commander A320/A330/A340 500-2500 hrs
Chief Pilot A320/A330/A340 2500 - 3500 hrs
Pilot Instructor A320/A330/A340 3500 hrs
Ground Staff - Selected

Edelweiss Virtual allows hours to be transferred from other VAs provided that this information can be verified. On the pilot application form there is a facility for you to enter your recorded hours that you wish to be transferred. Please make sure that the URL of the site is available on the application form and if you provide a page to your log please ensure this is the correct URL.

We do not chase other Virtual Airline websites for transferred hours. When your hours have been transferred, they will be classed as transferred hours and not Edelweiss Virtual hours.