October 2020
We noticed heavy losses in flying due to the Corona Pandemic. Furthermore our INTRANET was not able to cope with the new PHP. So the staff decided to create a new platform (INTRANET). The test phases begin.

March 2020
Due in part to the Corona crisis and the resulting closure of many companies, many virtual pilots were able to stay at home. This combination resulted in a record month in virtual airspace. More than 150 flights (26.03.2020) of the virtual Edelweiss could emerge.


May 2019
A training group flight to Tirana to practice take-offs and landings. Many great impressions and very instructive 6 pilots came back from this flight day.

January 2019
The 4th year started for our virtual airline. After a very positive General Assembly, a complete staff could be generated. Claudio Reist, Fabian Haueter, Devis Pisano Push again into the staff. Furthermore, wizards were created for the respective areas. Assistants were among others Luca Schär and the Norwege Fabian Kemi. Furthermore, EDWv was able to establish a close friendship with its sister sister, Swiss Virtual. Next, the club is now with 16 members as big as ever.


December 2018
There was again a group flight, to Tromso with 8 aircraft of our fleet.

January 2018
The Edelweiss Virtual is already 3 years old, at the General Assembly with 8 present a nearly full staff could be chosen.


December 2017
Again a group flight took place with the same destination as last year. Seven pilots flew to Tromso and back.

April 2017
The first pilot meeting was the runway 14 at the end of the run. There were a total of 7 club members present.

January 2017
Edelweiss Virtual celebrates its first birthday and is restructured by the board to a club. First President will be Michael Gobeli, cashier becomes Björn Stern and Tim Bertram as Actuary. The management is also expanding and Omar El Sayek, as COO, has welcomed it.


December 2016
First Christmas group flight takes place and leads from Zurich to Tromso in the north. It flew with 4 pilots.

July 2016
The new virtual airline is growing very fast and can welcome a lot of new pilots after only a few months.

March 2016
First activation of own website with own ACARS system.

January 2016
Michael Gobeli, Björn Stern and Tim Bertram founded the Edelweiss Virtual on 15 January. Ruben Pais becomes first CEO.