Many new virtual pilots for Edelweiss Virtual

Zurich-Airport, 10.10.2021

Edelweiss Virtual is now taking off with around 200 pilots. Since the opening in 2016 we have constantly expanded and tried to meet the needs of our virtual pilots. Thus, an extensive INTRANET was created where all data was stored. It was very time consuming and from a size of 140 pilots almost impossible to be there for all.

With the new system (vAMSYS) we have given this task to others. This does not mean that we can rest in the board, no we can now concentrate on other things that were long overdue.

Now we have since the beginning of September 2021 vAMSYS INTRANET and were almost overrun with 60 new virtual pilots in just one month. We are very happy to welcome every single one of them to the Edelweiss Virtual and are looking forward to beautiful flights in the virtual sky.

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Fabian Haueter
Head of Communications