Flight Simulator manufacturer and the A340

Zurich-Airport, 27.10.2021

Airbus manufacturer Toliss has issued the long-awaited A340. For our pilots, it means finally flying long haul again and flying to destinations across the pond.

For our pilots with the P3D version 5 this is not yet possible. The management has decided until further notice for P3D v5 pilots that all routes may be flown with the A330. For the P3D v3 and v4 pilots there is the black box A340-300. Also our pilots with the Microsoft Flight Simulator have been denied this until now. But even with this flight simulator we have decided to continue to use the A330.

In the INTRANET our pilots will find a complete list with the accepted aircraft types. Of course we hope that in the near future all simulators will be equipped with our A340-313.

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Ruben Pais
Head of Communications