EDWv soars to New Heights as Official Partner of IVAO

Zurich-Airport, 07.11.2023

Edelweiss Virtual, a renowned virtual airline, has achieved yet another milestone in its journey. Since its inception in 2016, it has been the long-standing goal of its founders to be recognized by the international flight simulation community. After joining the Vatsim network in 2019, we are thrilled to announce today that Edelweiss Virtual has now become an official partner and Virtual Airline with IVAO.

IVAO, the International Virtual Aviation Organization, stands as a globally leading platform for flight simulations and virtual airlines. With members from around the world, IVAO offers an impressive simulation environment for aviation enthusiasts looking to hone their skills in a realistic and cooperative setting.

The inclusion of Edelweiss Virtual as an official partner with IVAO marks another chapter in the success story of this virtual airline. With a passionate community of flight simulation enthusiasts and a commitment to the highest standards in the virtual aviation industry, Edelweiss Virtual has already built an impressive presence on Vatsim.

By joining IVAO, Edelweiss Virtual opens up even more opportunities to expand its network and provide its pilots with even more realistic and challenging flight simulation experiences. This partnership will enable members of Edelweiss Virtual to actively engage in a global community of flight simulation enthusiasts, participate in events, and continuously enhance their skills.

Over the past few years, Edelweiss Virtual has embarked on an impressive journey, and this partnership with IVAO is another testament to its dedication to excellence in the world of virtual flight simulations. We extend our warmest congratulations to Edelweiss Virtual on this achievement and look forward to the exciting developments this partnership will bring.

Congratulations to the entire Edelweiss Virtual team! We are excited to join you in conquering the skies and continuing to create fantastic flight experiences together.

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Ruben Pais
Head of Communications