Edelweiss Virtual becomes an official partner of VATSIM

Zurich-Airport, 11.03.2023

We are delighted to announce that Edelweiss Virtual is now an official partner of the VATSIM network organization. VATSIM is the world’s largest virtual aviation network, providing flight simulation enthusiasts with a comprehensive and realistic experience.

Through the partnership with VATSIM, Edelweiss Virtual’s pilots can now access a wider range of flight opportunities and fly in a vibrant virtual environment. They can also connect with pilots from other virtual airlines and atc in real-time, making for an even more realistic flying experience.

“We are very proud to be a part of the VATSIM community,” said the CEO of Edelweiss Virtual. “This partnership will help us expand our fleet and network and provide our pilots with an even more authentic flying experience.”

As a virtual airline, Edelweiss Virtual is committed to making the most out of the virtual flying experience and making it as realistic as possible. The partnership with VATSIM will help realize this vision.

We look forward to working with VATSIM and the opportunities that will arise from this partnership.

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Ruben Pais
Head of Communications